Based on the true events of the Tulsa massacre of 1921, our movie tells the story through the eyes of the first appointed black deputy sheriff in Tulsa. His beat being the highly successful business district of Greenwood, his boss relies on him to keep the peace as, owing to Greenwood’s success, the un- segregated black suburb soon becomes known as ‘Black Wall Street’.

The deputy sheriff, since losing his wife, has a growing romance with a local school teacher but is now under increasing pressure from different directions to keep the peace.

Growing resentment by the white community in Tulsa has created a bitterness fomented by bent police officers, the Ku Klux Klan, corrupt businessmen and a headline grabbing media. The KKK is recruiting new members as quickly as they can. Race hate is growing in the once peaceful community.

It’s late May and two highly decorated black World War 1 veterans have recently returned from France and prepare for Tulsa’s Memorial Day parade, but are turned away. Meantime in downtown Tulsa a shoe shine boy is wrongly arrested and held in a jail cell for an alleged sexual assault on a white woman. The tension boils as a white mob are ready for a lynching.

Racial tensions erupt into twenty-four hours of mayhem and violence against the African American community and our WW 1 heroes, who, supported by the deputy sheriff, find themselves in a desperate fight for survival and the community’s future.

The event was the worst racial violence in the history of the United States, yet the African- American community of Greenwood showed how the triumph of the human spirit can win over the worst of hate based atrocity.

Mary Parrish speaking at the Christmas Carol Service several months later :-

“ There is only one race that matters, that’s the human race “

Storyline by David P Gardner
Script by Steve Daly

Business Context

The research dossier for the movie is now completed with the assistance of Hannibal Johnson, the well known author and historian, and all intellectual property is now owned by Tulsa 21 Productions Ltd. a UK registered company. The US entity is now established as Tulsa Production LLC and is now accredited by the WGA. The majority of the $ 15 m budget is being raised in the US and Europe and presents an opportunity for “ first in “ investors for a 15 % return through the availability of preference “ A “ shares in Tulsa 21 Productions Ltd. with the assignment of the associated I.P for the movie.

David P Gardner

Executive Producer, Tulsa 21.

They called it a riot....
it was a massacre